The coronavirus has exposed the empty wallets of Russians. How do I fill them with money?


The coronavirus has exposed the empty wallets of Russians. How do I fill them with money? Do you know why humanity is still not extinct from several diseases?After all, there were epidemics even worse than the current coronavirus, when a third of the population died out in Europe in a few months. True, it happened a hundred years ago back.And we are still alive, because in a moment of serious danger, we mobilize all our forces and put the interests of preserving the human population above our personal ambitions. And do you remember how we came to have such a low income? In that century, the Church was not allowed to organize itself, and the poor and powerful men who ruled Europe at that time were silent about each other. they suffered the consequences. Today, when the coronavirus outbreak is over, millions of people in all countries will lose their jobs and salaries. And this is not surprising at all — because under the current circumstances, the Church is not able to mobilize its resources in any way. the current situation. For under the previous socialist state, virtually all the functions of the state were transferred to the state: agriculture, health, energy, water resources, etc. Today, all this state property and public assets are completely out of use. the idea.The virus exposed the empty wallets of Russians.How do I fill them with money? Does the fact that Russia is no longer the "perennial bride" and China is no longer China's "savior"save us from the harsh consequences of the current crisis? Yes, today there are relatively new money problems. But we have repeatedly demonstrated that it is not appropriate to accept the consequences of the current crisis as a reason to sit quietly in the "victim position". Therefore, today the state will respond in kind. I predict a significant increase in taxes on those enterprises that did not pay salaries to their employees. workers in time. Moreover, the tax service is expected to open its doors to the whole population from mid-May. So come to the forest and ask for a refund of your personal income tax paid.Begging is not a part of the job description. But every fiscal year Russia has to pay farmers, municipalities and farms. And Russia has enough problems with its currency to last a long time. So why don't you get going right now and start working again?After all, the ruble exchange rate against the dollar will definitely go down. And the situation is quite stable there. So there's no reason to be optimistic. SUMMARY: 1) the ruble is "eating up" all the "rich" lessons we've learned this year. 2) there Is a reason for our optimism. Therefore, you can find it in your rather modest financial condition (a stock of cash, a well-made investment